Ghana School Aid seeks to fulfil its aims by making grants to schools, in support of local efforts, for building materials, essential equipment like books and writing materials, and basic computing and technical equipment, so that Ghanaian children can be helped to acquire a sound education appropriate for them to take their place in the world today.

Ghana School Aid is a small charity. It has no paid staff and all work is undertaken voluntarily, with many administrative costs met in the same way. As a consequence, almost all funds go directly to the charity’s work in Ghana. Other administrative expenses, principally fund-raising activities, publicity, and newsletters to supporters are kept to a minimum.

Day to day affairs of the charity are led by its Executive Committee of which the Trustees are an integral part. It currently has 14 members including Chairman Mr William Spooner, Treasurer Nigel Dennis, and Secretary Jo Hallett. The committee meets quarterly to discuss projects, to make decisions about the allocation of funding on the basis of requests and proposals, and to determine the activities and the direction GSA should take for the future.

The work of the Committee and priorities for the charity are presented and discussed with members at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in early summer.  In 2011, we celebrated 25 years of the charity’s existence with an Anniversary Reunion and AGM, including a photographic display and a special cake decorated in the colours of the Ghana flag.

Projects are developed on the basis of requests submitted to Ghana School Aid directly by schools in need of support in Ghana and links developed through contacts in Ghana and in cooperation with other organisations.

Through our representatives in Ghana, Mr Kofi Ohene and Mr Salifu Baako, other friends of Ghana School Aids and members of the charity travelling to Ghana from time to time, GSA follows up on the projects it supports and aims to establish longer standing relationships with schools and communities.

Ghana School Aid needs and welcomes wide support from individuals especially those who have lived and worked in Ghana, and from business companies and institutions with interests in Ghana.

Our Patrons are:  H.E. The High Commissioner for Ghana,  The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Chalker of Wallesey PC, The Rt. Hon. Lord Paul Boateng.