Fundraising and Donations

To donate now, please go to the Ghana School Aid Donation page.

Dear Ghana School Aid supporters,

We are getting more and more requests for help in building and expanding schools in Ghana.  Many of these are really good projects, well thought-out, with good channels of communication and reliable people on the ground to administer them.  In addition, projects we have supported in the past apply to us for additional grants to improve their facilities.

CAN YOU HELP US TO RAISE MONEY so that we can continue our help for Ghanaian schools?

  • A Standing Order, (whatever you feel you can afford) would be brilliant.
  • A legacy would also be a huge help, or a donation, perhaps in memory of a loved one, would add much grist to our mill.
  • And there may be among you some dynamic, energetic souls who could swim, run, climb, cycle, trek or walk in aid of Ghana School Aid.

Colin MacBean ran the Edinburgh Half-Marathon for us in May 2014. (He can be supported via his JustGiving page). Jo Hallett swam 4 kilometres in an open water relay in Blenheim Palace Lake (2013), and in 2008 Ruth Court ran the London Marathon in three hours fifty-two minutes, raising £1400 for GSA. In 2017, Paula Moran ran two half-marathons for us, in Hampton Court and Hackney, raising over £1000.  Thank you so much to them.

These are fine examples of wonderful supporters, to whom GSA is immensely grateful.  Please, can YOU do something wonderful for us too?  A link to our our donations page is available below.

You can get lots of ideas by googling  A – Z OF FUNDRAISING IDEAS where you will find several lists of possible activities, ranging from coffee-mornings to bungee-jumping.  There may be something there you feel you could undertake on our behalf.  Please let us know:  we’d love to hear from you.


PS  Cheques made out to Ghana School Aid can be sent to our Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Nigel Dennis, Boundary House, 230 Greys Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1QY.  Donations can also be made via the Ghana School Aid Donation page.

Here are some helpful links for gift-aid forms:

One off or single donation
Repeat or multiple donations
Sponsorship event

Raising money for GSA while you shop.

Ghana School Aid is registered with the on-line shopping fundraiser Give as you Live. There are two ways to raise funds through Give as you Live.  First, you need to register with Give as you Live ( . This will cost you nothing.

The first method for fund-raising while you shop is for you to log on to the  GiveasyouLive website, you can then access one of the contributing merchants, eg. Tesco, M&S, Ocado, Aviva insurance, EasyJet, Europcar, Hotter shoes, the RSPB shop and many, many more, and a small percentage of what you spend goes to GSA.  Whenever you wish to purchase something online, it is worth checking if you can do so via the GiveasyouLive website.

The second method is to purchase in-store shopping cards from Give as you Live.  The cards are sent to you and can be reloaded at will. For example, if you buy a £100 shopping card for Tesco, you will raise £2.00, for M&S  £3.00 and for John Lewis/Waitrose,  £1.50.  When you go to the store, you simply pay using your Give as you Live card for that store.

As you can see, a community of GSA supporters all contributing in either of those ways, could provide a useful small income stream for us. “Many a mickle makes a muckle!”

Please do have a look at Give as you Live if you use the internet and whether or not you do, please consider recommending it to friends and family who might be interested.