Guidance for donating book or other learning materials

1 Recipient / beneficiaries
• When and where are the books supposed to go? Address, name of caretaker, telephone / email contact and date of last correspondence (if possible copy of the last communication) must be supplied.
• Who would be primary beneficiaries of the books / learning materials?
• What facilities exist to accommodate the books / learning materials?

2 Amount, kind and value of books / learning materials
• What kind of books / learning materials are proposed to be donated? They should be
o Up to date in the case of learning materials
o Fit in the relevant Ghana curriculum
o In good shape
o Either sets of books for use by several pupils or individual reference materials for consultation
o Include quality literature of appropriate standard and level for the intended beneficiaries
• Could they be purchased / obtained in Ghana?, If YES, what special reason would make the transport from the UK necessary / desirable? Generally GSA would try to obtain materials locally. Could a donation to the relevant value be obtained from those wishing to donate the materials?
• What is the total value of the substantive donation? Will there be a need to insure it?

3 Transport
• How many books, what space / weight / volume will need to be shipped?
• How will the donation be transported to destination in Ghana?
• What costs will be associated with a) shipping and b) in country? Would the donation come with a contribution to these costs?

4 Sustainability
• Are there plans for future donations to the same destination or beneficiaries? If YES, are there thoughts about a longer term connection or link?