Criteria for building project presentations

This document contains key issues, questions and criteria to consider when putting together a proposal for support of a building project. The aim is to ensure that we have all relevant information available to make a decision at the point we discuss the project as an application. Please contact us if you have questions at [email protected].

1. Beneficiaries
• Who would be the primary beneficiaries of the proposed building works?
• Who is the local contact / caretaker?
• Have the beneficiaries been involved in the planning and how?

2. The site
• Provide a site plan – A4 or A3 size- showing any existing facilities and show proposed new development in colour. Drawing to have a scale and a north point.
• What is the total floor space of the new development in m

3 Costs
• What is the total cost of new development ? From this information building cost per m
can be ascertained which we may use to compare prices with other projects.
• Please provide a bill of quantities which specifies individual costs for materials, labour
(including direct / volunteer labour), contractor’s fees, and major individual elements / stages of the building projects, i.e. costs for the roof, foundations and floors, walls, etc.? we may use this to compare costs and / or propose support for individual elements (i.e. the roof, when other main superstructure is completed).
• Does the total cost include the provision of services ?
i.e. water supply, sanitation, power, telecommunications
If so, what is the separate cost of each service provision ?
If not, what provision and estimated cost will be made for each of these services?
• Does the total cost include provision for furniture and equipment ?
If so, what is the cost of the furniture and equipment ?
If not, what provision and cost will be made for these items ?

4. Supervision, implementation and sustainability
• When should the project be implemented (taking into account weather and season factors), and when should it be finished?
• Who would do the work, supervise the project locally, and report back?
• Please make a note about sustainable development, i.e. how will you ensure that the outcome of the project will continue to serve the community also in the future, and what impact it will have on the physical and social environment.