Ghana School Aid has supported many educational projects in Ghana over the years.  The following is a list of many, though not all, of them.  Flags on the map below show the location of many of the projects, often several projects to one flag.

More information about individual projects can be obtained by going to the News page and clicking on the names appearing in blue in the alphabetical list in the right-hand column on the News page.  Please note that the maximum capacity of this list is 75 tags, but we have supported many more than 75 schools.  To see if there is an entry for a school not mentioned in the list, please use the search facility at the top of the page.

Abiriw Road Safety Project;  Aboabo Primary School; Abonse Presbyterian Basic School;  Aburaso Methodist Primary School, Kumasi;  Aburuman Secondary School, Abura-Dunkwa;  Accra Girls’ Senior High School;  Ahmadiyya Primary School;  Ahemfie Junior Seconday School, Kraboa-Coaltar;  Ahwerase-Akuapim JSS;  Anglican Diocese of Tamale;  Arigu Village School;  Aseseeso Presbyterian Junior High School, Akwapim;  Ashanti Rural Vocational School;  Asin-Asamankese T.I. Ahmadiya Basic School;  Asokore-Ashanti;  Asikaso D/A Basic School; Assuedi School;  Balogu Primary School, Yendi;  Bekyem School for the Deaf;  Bethel-Awudome Cambridge School;  Buipe Primary School and Buipe Girls’ School;  Cape Coast schools;  Cape Coast University Primary School Classroom;  Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi;  Child-to-Child charity, Winneba;  Daffor-Awudome Joe Bedu Primary School;  Deg Child Foundation;  Dokiyikrom D/A Basic School, Brong-Ahafo;  Dumso-Bethel Primary School;  Fishing Villages Project;  Gblede Gbodame Junior Secondary School;  Havilah School Library;  Hia Library Project;  Holy Trinity Primary School, Asokere-Ashanti;  Jama Koro Project;  Jonshegu Junior High School;  Kalpohin Kamaria;  Kanvilli-Tawfiklya JHS;  Kasoa Educational Foundation;  Kenyasi No 1 RC Basic School;  Kete-Krachi Borae No 2 JSS;  King’s Academy;  Komoso M/A Primary School; Kpachelo E/A Primary School; Krachi School Otaakrom;  Legon Primary and JS School;  Kwahu-Tafo (8 schools);  Let’s Read Project;  Mo-Dega Project;  Mount Mary School;  Nadowli Primary School;  Nawuni R.C. Primary School;  New Bethlehem Academy; Nkanfoa Methodist Primary School, Cape Coast;  Nkowfoa School;  Northern Ghana schools;  Nuru Islam Primary School, Yendi;  Nyogbare Primary School;  Okuapemman School, Akropong;  Paga Community School;  Pampawie School;  Plato Academy; Powerstock/Gbullung Community Partnership Library Project;  Pusiga;  Sabre Trust;  Sandema Educational Resource Centre;  Sawla Vocational School;  Sekoti Primary School; Shafieya Primary School;  Sorugu JHS;  Sumaman SHS;  Tampei and Kukuo villages;  Techimantia T.I. Ahmadiya Basic School, Brong-Ahafo;  Tibung JHS;  Tsibu-Awudome Resource Centre;  Tuskegee International School; Vume-Kpoviadzi library project;  Wamfie Library Project;  Wechiau Community Library;  West Africa Secondary School;  Wulugu Project;  Yelwoko School;  Yendi Girls’ Junior High School;   Yilonaayili Anglican Primary School;  Zagyuri Anglican Primary School;  Zawiyatul Irfan Primary School