Yendi Girls’ Junior High School

GSA provided a grant for an electrification project.  Alhassan Salifu Baako, GSA’s project Coordinator in the North organised a meeting at the school to ensure that the project would be carried out efficiently.  All the classrooms, the staff common room, the headteacher’s office and the outside walls were connected with electricity.  The school has a great potential to grow.  the Municipal Assembly has added a new block to the school which is still under construction.  Students from Yendi Girls’ and other schools in the neighbourhood can now work in the evenings.  Teaching and learning of ICT and use of audio visual teaching materials are also possible.  The school’s PTA paid for a watchman in order to maintain security.  Baako visited Yendi Girls’ JHS on 20th March 2012 to see the final work of their project.  “Quality work was done from what I saw.  I was warmly received by the entire school.  I was given copies of the receipts and the headteacher’s letter of appreciation.”

UPDATE MARCH 2013  The two pictures show a teacher (Head teacher perhaps) standing beside ICT equipment in use, and girls with placards which read:  “We are grateful to GSA” “We can now have practice lessons in ICT” “Yendi Girls – we love GSA” “GSA Ni yi tuma pam” “GSA We need more” “Yendi Girls – we are proud of GSA” “We can now learn in the night”.  Right on, Yendi Girls, we’re delighted to have your messages!

yendi elec 3

yendi JHS electricity 1