Wulugu Project

The Wulugu Project works to reduce poverty through education in a deprived area of Northern Ghana.  It began with a chance meeting in 1993 between a Headteacher from that area and Lynne Symonds from Norfolk.  Lynne raised funds to equip Wulugu Secondary School, giving the charity its name.  Since then the Wulugu Project has built and equipped new schools, provided hostels for teachers and girls and given small start-up loans so mothers can earn money to support their children’s education.  Over 200 000 children have been helped;  over 9 primary schools have been built and equipped and over 30 have had desks provided or repaired.  The Wulugu Project has also built and equipped 4 vocationals schools for girls.  It is charity No. 1060691 and has its own website.  Ghana School Aid has been happy support it on several occasions.

UPDATE May 2017  GSA received an application from the Wulugu Project and chose to send £800 to purchase Tie and Dye materials for use at Sawla Vocational School.  We hope to receive a report at the 2017 AGM.