Ahemfie JSS is in Kraboa-Coaltar in the Eastern Region.   A letter of acknowledgement of the GSA grant was received in 1994, as follows:

“I am writing on behalf of the Chief, his Elders and the Education Development Committee of Kraboa-Coaltar acknowledging the receipt of 35 bags of Portland cement, 3 packets of roofing sheets, of 20 sheets per packet, and a quantity of nails from Mr. Kofi Ohene [GSA representative in Ghana, ed.].

Mr. Ohene explained that the items were bought with an amount of 500,000.00 cedis by your Organization.  The Ghana School Aid donated to help us build a Carpentry Workshop for our Junior Secondary School.

I wish to express our profound gratitude for the donation and promise firmly that the materials will be used for the project earmarked.

Many thanks, Sir.  Yours faithfully,  (signed)”