GSA Project 2005:  SCHOOLS ON THE FISHING COAST LINE (SFCL).  This project was aimed at assisting ten Ghanaian basic schools (Primary and JSS) located on the coastline stretching from the Half Assini area in the Western Region to Aflao in the Volta Region.  The intention was to improve facilities for learning and teaching in the schools as well as for sports/games, and also for music and dance in order to enliven the school atmosphere and thereby encourage the children to attend school regularly without dropping out prematurely to join their fishing parents.  The project was also meant to induce the children to remain at home in their local communities with their parents without falling prey to monetary inducements offered to them and their parents by some unscrupulous child traffickers who would take the children away for employment and other pursuits up country, especially along the Volta River.

Various Ghana Government efforts to return these unfortunate children to their home communities were in place in Ghana at the time.  Some NGOs were also assisting.  The GSA project therefore fell in line with contemporary Governement and other rescue interventions on behalf of the children in these coastal fishing villages.

Ten schools were selected, as follows:  Salvation international JSS, Kengen; Dixcove Methodist JSS; Moree Catholic Primary;  Mountford Catholic Primary A & B;  Arkra District Assembly (DA) JSS;  Old Ningo Presbyterian Primary;  Lolonya DA Primary;  Kpone Methodist Primary;  Woe-Aklorbordzi DA Primary;  Adina Ame Zion Primary.

The GSA budget allocated was £3500, at the rate of £350 per school.  The project was administered by Michael Asiedu, the GSA representative in Ghana at the time.  Michael reported that the Heads of School and their District Directors of Education were very appreciative of the support given, and letters of acknowledgement were sent to GSA.