Sabre Trust

The Sabre Trust is working in rural areas of Ghana to improve education.  This part of their project inolves an intensive one-year teacher training programme for Kindergarten teachers.  GSA has given the Trust a grant to provide KG resource boxes.  The following is quoted from the Trust’s very informative website,  “Sabre has developed a design for a resource box made from locally sourced and recycled materials that can complement teaching and small group activities. … The boxes contain building blocks, connecting toys, play mats and musical instruments, and the teachers will be supported to supplement them with resources that they can make themselves from recycled and reclaimed materials.”

UPDATE  JAN 2014  Here are some extracts from the Teacher Training Programme Year 1 Report.  “The key goal of this programme is to benefit young school children in Ghana by producing competent and compassionate kindergarten teachers familiar with the very specific learning needs of pre-primary pupils, skilled in an activity-based teaching and learning methodology which recognises the value of learning through play. […] The aim is to significantly enhance the quality of practical placements for trainee KG teachers enrolled on the diploma course.  Through this intervention, the student teachers receive strong practical training and classroom experience of child-centred and activity-based learning, giving them the confidence to implement this approach when posted as newly qualified teachers.    […]

Conclusion:  The overwhelmingly positive final reflections of the programme’s impact by teachers, mentees and head teachers at the final cluster meetings are testament to the hard work that has been put in by all involved.  All groups spoke of the improved changes in pupil behaviour, confidence and attendance at school.  Credit was also given to the programme for enhancing the teachers’ own understanding of what kindergarten teaching should be and how teachers can implement strategies to achieve these goals.  It is expected that the coming year will build on the foundations laid during this pilot year and use the lessons learnt to further develop the programme to be even more collaborative, consistent and effective.”

UPDATE 2015:  Supporting Africa by Rural Endeavour!  This charity focuses on Kindergarten education in the Cape Coast area.  We voted £1000 to enable the charity to complete the training of 3 KG teachers.