Tampei and Kukuo villages near Tamale

The organisation involved in the application to GSA is Cooperation for Integrated Development Ghana (CID-Ghana) located in Tamale.  They are assisting the local community in building a primary school block for the two rural communities, Tampei Kuduo and Kukuo Yapalsi.  In the application Frank Dugasseh said:  This is the work already completed: (1) Built the foundation to the floor level concrete; (2) Moulded over 6000 blocks for the superstructure; (3) Purchased two trips of aggretate sand.This is the work still needing to be done:  (1) Build the superstructure walls and roof; (2) Plaster and paint.The GSA representative, Baako, has visited the project and given a very positive report of progress.  The report has triggered the release of the second grant installment of £500 from GSA.

UPDATE    Baako visited Tapeil Kukuo on behalf of GSA on 24th October 2013.  He was met at the chief’s palace by the project committee of 8 men and 2 women (2 other women members were absent).  The chairman stated that though they had started the school in a very small way, today they were proud of the type of school they were building with the help of organisations such as GSA, so that their children would have a decent school to attend.  Baako continues:  “After the meeting they took me to the chief and briefed him on our meeting.  He thanked me for coming and presented some cola nuts as a sign of appreciation in accordance with the tradition.  (See picture below.)  After that we went to the project site and I took pictures from different angles.  Indeed, there is still much to be done on the building.  The meeting came to an end at approximately 12.10pm with the promise that I would let my report report reach GSA.”

IMG_2790 IMG_2792 IMG_2794