Thanks to some generous donations, GSA was able to provide £350 for Baako to purchase a new laptop.  Baako works voluntarily as a GSA representative in the North of Ghana.  His help is invaluable in acting as intermediary between GSA and some of its projects.  He advises on the ground, advises the GSA committee, sends us reports and pictures, and now his wife has kindly volunteered to work alongside him.  Here is a slightly shortened version of his February email to GSA:

I write to inform you and the executive of GSA that the amount of £350 sent to me, which was meant to purchase a laptop, was received.  The money was equivalent to GHC1348 and I bought a brand new Toshiba laptop at GHC1300 and a safe bag to contain it at GHC50, a total of GHC 1350.

I am very happy and very grateful to GSA for that kind gesture.  This will go a long way to facilitating my work for GSA, and besides that it will be useful to me in keeping my school records.

I attach pictures of the laptop and a receipt.  Thank you and the entire GSA for the continued support.