Takpo Senior High School, Upper West Region

We received a detailed application from Isaiah Tiennah for help towards the Mechanization of the School Water System, “A project to mechanize a borehole in the school to supply water to the Takpo Cluster of Schools with a population of over 650 students and teachers. […] At present, students have to spend several hours in search of water during contact hours. […] With potable water available, the school can apply for boarding status (and thus qualify for a government grant -ed.). We would have met the criteria of connecting electricity and water to the school…  When the school becomes a boarding school it will open employment opportunities for the local community as well.”  GSA sent £1500 for this project.  The money has been received and the work is on-going.

UPDATE May 2017  Mr Tiennah writes:  … Unfortunately the school borehole, after testing of the water showed very poor yield, after pumping for just an hour the well dried up…. The PTA decided to use the remaining amount to renovate and refurbish a classroom to become a computer laboratory for an E-learning project.  Injury from a motor accident has prevented Mr. Tiennah from sending a full report, but this will come in due course.  We wish him a speedy recovery.