Shafieya Primary School

Mubarick Seidu, a teacher in Shafieya, emailed GSA in August 2016 with the following message:  “Currently we have 14 teachers.  We have 400 pupils from Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6.  We have numerous challenges in the school but what we need currently is the completion of classrooms which have been built and roofed but lack windows, doors, plastering and floors.  Furniture is also a problem:  sometimes, pupils in P1  and P2 have to sit on the bare floor to do their exercises.  We do hope you will come to our aid.”  He added later that labour would be provided by the community and that water was not a problem as there was a well in the school. Mr. Seidu also provided estimates of costs.

GSA agreed a grant of £1240 and our representative in Tamale, Salifu Baako, visited the school both before and after the work was done.  We received these pictures in November 2016.  Congratulations to all for the wonderful and rapid work!

p5-and-p6-in-need-of-renovation-shafieya-pr-sch-1 The building before renovation

p5-p6-classroom-before-renovation-1 A classroom before renovation

concrete-verandah-1 The beautiful new verandaconcreting-floors-at-shafieya-pr-sch-1 A newly screeded floor p6-at-work-in-their-new-classroom-shafieya-pr-sch-1 One of the new classrooms

new-doors-and-shutters-p6-shafieya-pr-sch-1 Brilliant new shutters and doors