We were approached by ATE (Action through Enterprise) with a request for funds to support this school which faces severe drop-out and low attendance due to struggling living standards.  £1000 was awarded for the purchase of textbooks. To quote the ATE report:  The 77 pupils and the staff are overjoyed and extremely motivated by the support. 161 textbooks were purchased.  The school will keep hold of the books and pass them out to pupils to be used in class.  ATE (which will assist in monitory book use, ed.) will report on rates of enrolment, attendance, retention and later on, examination results.

ATE sent us a lovely picture of children and staff holding aloft the new books, clearly delighted with this new resource.  Mr. Abeo Emmanuel Baba wrote: with these textbooks I believe that the level of learning of the students will increase and improve their performance in their studies and their exam results.  We look forward to hearing about the school’s progress, Mr. Baba!