Rita De-Graft writes:  In February 2017, Kate Regan (GSA) joined Mary Owusu and myself, both from the Ghana Nurses Association UK and Development Missions Network Ghana, to travel to Ghana.  The aim of the visit was to follow up on the progress of the Hia Community Library which was started in November 2007 and to organise the set-up of the library (the books shipped out between 2008 and 2017, and shelving).  Whilst in Ghana, Agnes Nartey from the Ghana Nurses Association joined the team.  We made the long journey to Hia on two separate days.  On arrival  the Team had a meeting with the Chief of the village, Nana Wiredu.  With resources kindly donated by Kate Regan, most of the books were recorded and classified using colour coding.  The book shelves the Library committee had commissioned were modified for safety reasons, and this was done quickly and efficiently.  One of the teachers who had recently been on a Library course, volunteered to help set up and run the library.  A cross-section of Primary 4, 5 and 6 pupils were given a lesson on how the library resources could be used to enhance their learning. 

Webmistress Penny writes:  The above report has been slightly edited and abridged. Incidentally, past GSA grants have helped to install electricity and furniture in the library. GSA is is delighted that the end of a long journey is in sight and wishes to recognise the huge commitment and contribution made by the individuals involved.  THANK YOU!