Akim-Anamase Zion Primary School

This school of 160 pupils is in the Eastern Region.  Mr Charles Oppong applied to us for help in buying new school furniture.  We sent £1000 and have received this wonderful thank-you email from Charles (abridged here) on 25.7.2017.

Dear Joe.
            On behalf of the staff, P. T. A executives and the pupils of Akim-Anamase Zion Primary School and the entire community write to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for giving us a Grant of GH¢5433.54 towards the provision of furnitures in the school. The grant has made a significant impact in the social and academic life of the pupils.
         The memory of your organization will forever linger in the hearts of the school as you are the only organization  that has extended an arm to the school.
        The grant has solved the following problems in the school hence aiding smooth academic work.
        In the first place, the furnitures has made teaching and learning very effective, comfortable and conducive. At first, a desk which was meant for two pupils was occupied by three and sometimes four pupils, creating a whole lot of inconvenience in the classroom. This affected their handwriting and also hindered them from doing independent work in class. Pupils always resort to copying from their friends whenever an exercise is given. Due to this challenge at first the classroom teacher wasn’t able to assess the pupils performance very well. But the New desks added to de old ones have solve this Problems and now comfortability ,independent work is a hallmark. Handwriting of pupils is now improving as a results of their New seating arrangement.
         Also the provision of both teachers tables and chairs for each classroom has made teachers now Seat in the comfort of their chairs to Mark pupils work and other related classroom tasks which wasn’t so in the past.  

Infact , the teachers were happy when they  saw the tables and chairs. The tables was made with drawer lock inside where teachers can now store some of their teaching materials inside. For examples pupils Attendance Register, teachers lesson note and other Materials are now kept in the drawer lock and lock with key.
        Moreover teachers were excited about the way the chairs were made. The leather foam on it make it comfortable for them to Seat on it without complaining of back pains and waist pains unlike the wooden chair with no leather foam on it.
        Furthermore, the cupboard have saved the children’s from carrying  their books to and from school everyday under the mercy of the weather. Their books sometimes get wet especially in the rainy season. Pupils now put their books under  keys and lock. School textbook and other relevant documents in the school have been well catered for by the cupboards. The tradition of putting books on the bare floor and sometimes in cartoons as depicted in the picture is now a thing of the past. 
        Another lasting impact the grant has made is the relief it has brought to parents. Parents have been saved from contributing money to secure those items for their wards. It wasn’t easy for them contributing because of their financial standings. Parents are now safe and sound on matters relating to furnitures in the school, because heavy burden has been removed off from their head.
       Also on behalf of the staff P. T. A and the entire pupils of Akim-Anamase Zion primary school were appealling that if you can put it in your next agenda to come to their aid of small number of Computers to make the teaching and learning of i. C. T very useful and  practical to the pupils at their basic levels .The computers will improve their typing skills and also get to know more importance about the use of computers at their basic levels.
      With one accord. We say a big THANK YOU and AYEKOO to GHANA SCHOOL AID and all your donors for such a gesture. We hope  you will continue to help the school to See more development to make the school the beacon of excellence in the Birim- South District .
       Thank you once again for the Kind gesture and we look forward to seeing you and your able committee members in Akim -Anamase one day.
                       Yours faithfully,
                      Oppong Charles,

For staff, P. T. A. Executives, pupils and parents of Akim Anamase Zion primary School.  

Here are three of the pictures Charles sent:

Happy boys using the new desks.  Note the pile of old ones in the background!

Sitting in comfort, at last !

The new desks with “Donate GSA 2017”