Bekwai Islamic School

GSA sent a grant to this Ashanti Region school to buy classroom furniture.  Here is part of the Headmaster, Samuel Abetteh’s thank you letter:  The kg classrooms are now having adequate round tables and chairs with is now promoting team learning and effective and efficient group method of teaching among the pupils and the teachers.  Teachers do not now waste time to arrange the furniture because of the table shape.  This has helped them deliver a lesson in a flexible and systematic manner in line with their teaching philosophy and lessons objective.  The teachers find it very easy now to move over during teaching and indoor play activities to address individual pupils’ needs.  the furniture proved promotes self-learning for the pupils because it also serves as teaching learning material because of their attractive primary colour paints.  the attractive colour has indeed also sustained pupils’ attention span by preventing boredom and sleep during lesson delivery.  There has been an improvement in the pupils’ handwriting because the furniture has promoted good seating posture.  We are very grateful for your kind gesture towards our school.  Long live GSA, long live the Board, long live your representatives, long live Madam Jo.  [GSA secretary]  The students give you guys hi fiveeeeee!!!!. 

The brightly coloured chairs are here!

The “thank you” notice says it all.

Order and harmony in the KG classroom.