Safeguarding policy concerning children, May 2018

In accordance with new EU legislation, and as a condition of receiving a grant from Ghana School Aid, recipients will be asked to sign agreement with the following:

  1. the welfare of the child is paramount

  2. no child or group of children must be treated any less favourably than others in being able to access services which meet their particular needs

  3. all children without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs

This policy will be reviewed, approved and endorsed by the Executive Committee annually or when legislation changes.

This policy applies to all GSA trustees, to our representatives in Ghana and to all the schools and colleges that we fund.

Every recipient of a grant from Ghana School Aid will be informed of this policy and asked to agree to the principles set out in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above, before any funds are dispersed to them.