In order to enable us to properly assess the great numbers of good grant applications we are receiving, we are introducing specific periods during which we will accept applications.  We are very sorry, but we will not accept applications outside these “windows”.  The next “windows” are as follows

  • 1st October to 15th November 2019  – water and sanitation projects
  • 15th February to 31st March 2020  – no theme decided on at present

Those who regularly consult our website will notice that the 1st October to 15th November 2018 window has been removed.  We are very sorry about this, but it is our only way of addressing the large number of applications we have received.  We have some 15 applications in hand that we have not yet been able to consider, and these will be addressed in January 2019.

We have decided to adopt a themed approach.  For certain windows we ask for applications that only fall into a particular category.  We are restricting the October to November 2019 window to projects involving water and sanitation.  Ideas for future themes include “teaching resources” and “sports facilities”.

Please also bear in mind our priorities:  education in the Northern regions of Ghana, and the education of girls.