Kanvilli Tawfikya Junior High and Primary School

This school is in the Northern Region.  It is the school in which Baako, the GSA representative, works.  Baako writes:

Generally, there is a high level of poverty and illiteracy in the Northern Region.  The majority of the people here are peasant farmers who only do manual farming to feed their families and this can be a problem since they can only harvest once in the year and lack resources for the education of their children.  Most of the children have to walk quite a distance to school, a few lucky ones ride bicycles, while others board “tricycles” (see picture below).  Some children also do their best to supplement the family income by engaging in petty trading in the evenings, and we do have absenteeism due to children out earning for the family.  The school itself needs support to buy desks for the children – you can see some sitting on the floor in the picture below.”  In 2015 GSA sent £800 for the purchase of 80 desks. These are now ready for use (see picture).  We are very grateful to two teachers in Lincoln who raised over £300 which went towards this project.

kanvilli floorB

kanvilli desks

kanvilli tricycle

kanvilli playground

Kanvilli pupils in their playground

UPDATE March 2018             We sent a grant to install metal windows and shutters.  The picture below shows the result, and we received a very appreciative letter of thanks from the Head teacher.

The Junior High has, with our help, started to build a new classroom block.  The picture below (February 2018) shows they have reached roof level.  Thank you, Baako, for reporting back on these projects.