Sorugu D/A, Junior High School, Tamale

The application came via our Northern representative, Baako.  This school needed funds to help renovate a 3-classroom block.  We received a detailed estimate of costs for the materials, and we learned that the community would provide the labour.  We sent £470 and have since received a beautiful letter of appreciation from the Headteacher, Mohammed Seini.  I quote:  “The head, staff and pupils of Sorugu D/A JHS wish to express their profound gratitude to GSA for the assistance extended to us when our school was in a serious deplorable condition and needed urgent and serious renovation. […] With this said amount, the necessary materials were purchased for the project.  The PTA, teachers, and all, contributed in diverse ways to bring the project into reality.  Mr. Baako (the Coordinator) paid regular visits to the school to see to the progress of the work and the use of materials.  […]  Also, the PTA and community assisted with labour and food for the workers.  Yes, of course, if anybody would complain of not having an office, it is certainly not Sorugu D/A JHS, since that problem has been completely solved.  We now have a beautiful school block and an office to keep our things safely.”

sorugu-before-renovation-2  The building before renovation.

2015-09-10-12-42-11-1  The opening ceremony – the placards read “We love you GSA!!”

school-building-after-painting-2  The renovated building.